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Please don’t forget the illustrations!

There is nothing more important for our translators/revisers in their task of transposing meaning from one language to another than to gain a good grasp of the context, that is to say everything constituting the environment in which the text to be translated is situated and which defines the meaning of the words.

Bearing this in mind, therefore, please do not hesitate to give us as much information as possible about the subject matter dealt with, the impact sought, the target group aimed at, etc., before a start is made on the translation.

If the text to be translated describes a process or an object, any illustrations available, such as photos, diagrams or drawings, that would help in gaining a good understanding of the description to be translated or in visualizing the details of the object referred to, are of course very welcome.

The same goes for advertising adaptations. Adapting an advertisement without the visual that goes with it is a nigh-on impossible task for the translator, especially if the advertising text is accompanied by an illustration of which it forms an integral part.


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