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The temptation that is Google Translate

Indeed, what could be more practical than to see your document translated into a whole host of potential languages free of charge and with a mere click on the mouse? Download, select, click: and it’s wrapped and weighed.

However, very often it won’t carry much weight.

Admittedly, it has to be acknowledged that automatic translation has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, especially in very commonly used language combinations such as English-French. But caution needs to be exercised nonetheless. The result produced by a machine must always be subject to an exhaustive and meticulous linguistic revision, particularly if the translated text is intended for widespread dissemination and puts your company’s image and reputation on the line. I am thinking for example of texts for a website, which is your company’s shop window onto the world, or commercial contracts, where every word counts. And in the case of texts which are linguistically very demanding, this revision can very often take longer than a translation done by a human being.

Unrevised machine translation could be useful and profitable in the context of your leisure activities, if your text is intended for a limited readership, or if the life span of the text is very short (e-mails sent to and fro within companies, for example).

Having a commercial, technical or legal text translated by machine without proofreading (what we refer to in the business as post-editing) means taking a very big risk.

For these kinds of texts you would be better advised to contact my colleagues at Belga Translations, who will obviously be delighted to help you.


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