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About us

Decades of experience at the service of companies

Located in Brussels, our translation agency offers its services to companies and public bodies in Belgium and other countries, and gives them an effective helping hand in the management of their multilingual projects.

Our company was established in 1991 and works primarily into and from the official languages of the European Union.

An in-house team of translators/revisers

For French, English and Dutch, our translating agency has an in-house team of experienced translators/revisers. For other languages and in situations where there is an extra-heavy workload in our in-house languages, we call on the services of carefully selected and monitored freelancers. All our translators work exclusively into their native language and all translated texts are subject to systematic revision by a second translator.

Service: we’re there!

A press release that needs translating right away into French, Dutch and German, a large-scale project to be set up immediately, a linguistic revision to be completed right at the end of the working day, or those famous last-minute modifications that have to be done before or during the weekend?
Call us!

We can point to more than twenty-five years of know-how in the translation and editing sector and you can rely on our translation agency to be there for you

A swift and appropriate solution for all your linguistic needs

“If you can’t do it quickly, don’t do it at all”. This single phrase epitomises the challenges with which companies are currently faced. Indeed, in a totally interconnected world companies are obliged to act immediately in order to meet the requirements placed on them by their markets. And where does technical and commercial literature fit into all this? It’s quite simple: it has to keep up with the pace! Our translation agency is fully aware of these imperatives.

Technical, legal and commercial translations

Everything that goes to make up technical, legal and commercial literature (press releases, business correspondence, contracts, articles of association, instruction manuals, procedures, annual reports, websites, etc.) constitutes our daily bread.

The many multilingual projects we are called upon to manage are entrusted to one of our managers. He or she acts as the interface between you and his/her colleagues, and in consultation with you will deal with and resolve any linguistic questions or other issues that arise during the course of a translation project involving several languages.


Belga Translations has been a member of the Belgian Quality Translation Association since 1997 and complies with the quality charter adopted by the association, which includes the main translation companies in Belgium.