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Our team

Meet our team


Marie-Joëlle Goffioul


Translator/Reviser into French, Manager

With a Bachelor’s degree in translation, Marie-Joëlle was already an experienced, seasoned translator when she joined our team as project manager in 2006. Over the years, she has demonstrated her ability to meet the requirements in terms of quality and deadlines that are associated with the production of multilingual documentation. A very active partner since 2012, she has recently taken over the general management of Belga Translations, motivated by an ever-constant concern for customer satisfaction, the hallmark of her work.

Jacques Permentiers

Translator/Reviser into French, Managing Partner

The co-founder of several professional associations and director in the Belgian Quality Translation Association, Jacques Permentiers is a Germanist by training and holds a post-graduate degree in translation. He has been a figure in the translation arena in Belgium for more than 35 years now. He is responsible for the quality control department and is developing the company’s networking activities.

Peter Storms

Translator/Reviser into Dutch, active partner

An expert reviser with a devilishly meticulous approach, Peter has an astonishing command of the nuances of his three working languages – French, German and English. He goes about his trade as a conveyor of meaning with a craftsman’s enthusiasm and is an ardent champion of elegant Dutch, combining clarity and contemporary usage.

Morgane Lambrechts

Translator/Reviser into French, Community Manager

After earning her master’s degree in translation, Morgane started out as a freelance translator and gained over 8 years’ experience in varied subject fields. This European globetrotter’s excellent command of French, Dutch and English naturally brought her to Belga Translations, where she has mainly been working as Community Manager. Her linguistic and computer skills are certainly very much appreciated!