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Advertising adaptation

A successful advertising adaptation goes beyond the words. It grasps the import of the message and reproduces it in the other language with the same impact and intention. It implies being creative whilst at the same time remaining true to the meaning.Have you had enough of dour headlines that are no more than slavish replicas of the source language and hopelessly miss the point of the overall concept of your campaign?

Entrust us with your briefing and tell us everything about the target group aimed at with your communication, the visual accompanying your message and your precise marketing objectives.

We will confidently set about translating these elements into a perfectly calibrated target text that above all recreates the total impact of your message.

Creativity and accuracy: they’re two of a kind

A good adaptation calls for creativity, of that there’s no doubt, but this has to be a controlled creativity that always scrupulously respects the effectiveness of the message – a message that has to be analyzed and deconstructed, and then reconstructed in a suitable form for the new target audience.

Our translators/revisers are seasoned experts in this process of seeking equivalence, be it in French, Dutch, English, German or another EU language. And bearing in mind the need for a command of cultural and linguistic nuances, they of course only work into their native language.

Furthermore, our translation agency also handles the transcription of films and videos (television commercials, documentaries, interviews, corporate films, etc.) in most European languages.

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