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From the liaison interpreter for a working meeting through to a complete team of interpreters for a three-day conference where equipment is also provided and technicians are placed at your disposal, we offer a turnkey professional service.All our interpreters are experienced professionals. As far as is possible our regular clients are provided with the services of the same interpreters for all their meetings.

We mainly offer simultaneous interpreting services. This involves the interpreters working in teams of two in a cabin and reproducing the speaker’s words in real time. Infrared receivers enable the participants to listen to the interpreters in the language of their choice. This kind of interpreting calls for a complete public address system to be fitted and for a technician to be on hand throughout the meeting.

As well as this type of interpreting, our agency also offers whispered interpreting (when one or two people need the translation, the interpreter whispers in the participant’s ear), consecutive interpreting (after a speaker has spoken, and on the basis of note taking), and liaison interpreting (in the context of a meeting with a small number of contributors).

In the field of interpreting, our specialist languages are French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

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