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Linguistic revision

We take care of the complete linguistic revision of texts already translated into or drawn up in French, Dutch, English or German. This revision process covers the checking and correcting of spelling, grammar, style, and accuracy vis-à-vis the content of the source text.For example you may have drafted an important document yourself (a business letter, technical report or PowerPoint presentation) in French, Dutch, English, German or another EU language, but you want to make sure that there are no mistakes in it and that the message you aim to get across is conveyed clearly and unambiguously. Or you may have translated a report or review into a language other than your native language, and you have doubts as to how to render one or two complex ideas. We’re there to help you.

Strict quality control

Our professionals in revision are specialists when it comes to linguistic “tidying up” and work exclusively into their native language. They get rid of any mistakes there may be in your texts, hunt down any stylistic inconsistencies, remove any ambiguities in the meaning and remedy any cases of poor terminological use (those famous “false friends” in English!). In short, they “polish” your documents to the point of turning them into minor masterpieces of effective communication, whilst nonetheless always respecting your style. And thanks to the “track changes” function in Word, you can see for yourself clearly what changes have been made.

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