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Project management

Managing a multilingual project consists in planning, organizing, monitoring and handling all aspects of an order for translation into several languages, in observance of the predefined costs, lead times and requirements.Whether it’s a press release to be translated into all the official languages of the EU, the updating of a technical manual to be translated urgently into French, Dutch, English or German, or a distribution contract to be revised in Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese, you can rest assured: our project managers know how to go about it.

Your project manager at Belga Translations: a trusted interlocutor who is close to you

Our project managers have an authoritative command of the requirements in terms of quality and lead time that are inherent to the production of multilingual documentation. These painstaking interlocutors operate as a perfect interface between our clients and the in-house and external translators. They welcome you at our head office or attend to you over the phone, take receipt of the documents you send us, and then distribute, coordinate, monitor, revise and supervise. In short, they follow your files from the initial request for a quote through to the (famous) last-minute modifications, combining a concern for service with a desire to see things through to a successful conclusion.