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The meticulous checking of proofs is of course the necessary final stage before any document is approved for publication (be this digital or in paper format).

What could be more unsightly and disappointing than to have a superb, beautifully laid out multilingual brochure marred by an unfortunate inversion of letters in a title or an incorrect subject-verb agreement that escaped the writers’ attention? It would be enough to damage your company’s reputation and image.

A “high-precision” proofreading service

Place your trust in our teams of proofreaders, whether it be for a document in French, Dutch, English, German or another EU language. These language super-sleuths flush out superfluous capital letters and incorrectly placed accents, put word splits under the microscope, rescue widows and orphans and remove misprints. In a nutshell they scour the pages for problems and see to it that your multilingual project comes safely into port without foundering. And of course they combine efficiency with speed, since as you know proofreading is something that can never wait.

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