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Everything that goes to make up an organization’s technical, legal and commercial literature (press releases, contracts, articles of association, manuals, annual reports, websites, etc.) constitutes our daily bread. We mainly translate into the official languages of the European Union, with French, Dutch, English and German being our specialist languages.

We have a passionate love of our profession, which is that of conveyors of messages. This is a chameleonic mission that involves us first of all putting ourselves in the place of the person who wrote the document, with the aim at all costs of grasping the meaning of his text and understanding both what he said and what he meant. As responsible craftsmen, we then have to put ourselves in the shoes of the future reader with a view to reproducing this meaning in a perfectly faithful and intelligible manner whilst also ensuring that our rendering tallies completely with the objective of the message.

Impeccable texts – i.e. texts that have been carefully checked

Our translators/revisers work in a team and exclusively into their native language. What’s more, every translated text is subject to a systematic and careful revision without fail. Quality and speed are the vital factors underlying this process.

The many multilingual projects we are called upon to manage are entrusted to one of our in-house coordinators. He or she acts as the interface between you and his/her colleagues, and in consultation with you will deal with and resolve any linguistic questions or other issues that arise during the course of a translation project involving several languages.

Belga Translations also takes care of the sworn translation and authentication of official documents in French, Dutch, English and Italian.

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