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Galerie Harmakhis

The fact of having gone to the same (good) school inevitably creates ties. Having had the same teachers and the same rigorous training makes you liable to place your trust in someone more quickly and readily. That’s what happened to me with Jacques Permentiers, manager of Belga Translations, whom I met up with again some years later, on recommendation, when I needed translations for the Brussels Ancient Art Fair (BAAF), an antiquities fair I’ve been staging for the last 12 years at the Sablon, as well as for my gallery.

I must represent the archetypal client that a translation agency would rather shy away from at all costs: my orders unerringly arrive late and the work has to be done urgently.

With unparalleled composure and professionalism, Jacques has always been able to meet my demands.

I’m an Orientalist by training and studied philology (hieroglyphic Egyptian, Coptic and Hebrew) to an advanced level, so I can also judge the quality of the work delivered by Belga Translations at its true value.

Try them – you’ll love them!

Jacques Billen